What the Hubble Telescope Has Taught Us

Topics: Big Bang, Hubble Space Telescope, Edwin Hubble Pages: 5 (1896 words) Published: March 11, 2012
The needs for an instrument that would take images of the universe from the space were inevitable since there were so many challenges studying space and the universe from earth. The Hubble telescope, named after the great scientist who confirmed the big bang theory, was the solution to this and it has been in space for the more than 20 years it was supposed to live. Over the time, the telescope has sent home so much information that mankind has realized how little they knew about the universe. This paper covers the needs for the Hubble telescope in space, the impacts that it has had in physics and science and what eventually happens to the telescope when its time expires.

Scientists have always been fascinated by the other features of the universe and have constantly studied about these objects. Edwin Hubble played a great role in the calculation of universe expansion. The process would not have been possible without the use of a telescope which was well advanced to handle the expanse distance. The first Hubble constant recorded by Edwin Hubble was 72±8 km/sec/mega parsec. However, with the new Hubble telescope, scientists have eliminated the margin of error and thus the Hubble constant, Ho, is today given with an almost double precision at 74.2 Km/sec/mega parsec with the error of margin being 3.6 (NASA, 2012). the essence of this essay is to bring out the impacts that Hubble telescope brings in the world of physics, and an evaluation of the instruments used by the Hubble telescope to attain the Hubble measurement of earth precision. The telescope and the universe

The Hubble telescope has shown that there is little that individuals understand about the universe and what it holds. It has been noted that the universe is growing due to energy that scientists have named the dark energy. Additionally, it is with the help of the Hubble telescope that scientists argue that there is dark matter in the universe which is also part of the fast growth and expansion of the universe. Apparently, the Hubble telescope has shown how little man knows about the universe. The Hubble telescope has large lenses that capture events in space and transmit these images to the earth. It thus helps mankind to understand the origin of the planets besides understanding the age of the planets and other components of the universe. In fact, using the Hubble telescope, scientists have observed the protoplanetisation process from which the nebular form a new star. It is argued that dust and gases surrounding these objects could explain the formation of the earth and the nine planets that surround the sun today to form the solar system. It is worth mentioning that the Hubble telescope has shown that the stars end their life with explosions and many beautiful colors have been photographed by the Hubble telescope as the stars shine their last (University of Manitoba, 2009). However, the most important thing is to understand that the end of life of the stars is the basis of measurement for the expansion of the universe. Another phenomenon that has been seen with the help of the Hubble telescope is the fact that the expansion of the universe is fast accelerating contrary to what would have been thought by many. This discovery offers humility to mankind by showing how little they understand about the universe in which they live. The need for a telescope outside the world’s atmosphere was proposed by German scientist Herman Oberth in 1923 but this was not realized until Lyman Spitzer wrote a paper that indicated a need for an observatory in space (NASA, 2012). The most important reason that led to the need of the Hubble telescope in space is the fact that the observatory centers on the ground suffered distortions by the atmosphere and ended up giving images that were blurred, and, therefore, the images could not have been used in any way in helping to measure the growth of the universe and neither would it be possible to measure...
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