Corruption in Morocco

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Saudi Arabia Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: December 4, 2012
When Morocco will divorce with corruption like Qatar

Ranked 80 out of 182 country, Morocco is at the margin compared to some Arab country like United Arab Emirates 28 (Spain 31), Qatar ranked 22 (France 25, USA 24). When we see than all the Scandinavian country are all in the top 10, because they share the same believe same culture and same ethics concerning business. Whereas, the majority of Arab country have the same common believe, ethics principal, culture (Hosted rank them as one entity), language, and religion; therefore, they have to be closer in term of ranking for corruption as the Scandinavian country. However, it is not so what makes performing better than some UE country and other like country in war. It is money, and the income per capita the main problem or the sentence. We will analyze the origin, the consequence on the economy, and provide some suggestion for this damaging virus of the society and the economy.

If we consider Morocco and the second best Arab country in term of corruption we can see in the graph below that they have the same value for masculinity, collectivism; in addition, Morocco have better value concerning power distance, and uncertainty avoidance. For a western point of view having a low uncertainty avoidance mean the willingness to take more risk by searching, and investing in new idea; however, can this low uncertainty avoidance explain that Moroccan are more attracted to risk in business and are more willing to use corruption without taking in consideration the risk of this previous action. Or, corruption can be a tool to invest quickly in innovative idea by having less uncertainty they are more willing to invest and develop there project without paying more attention to the consequence of their action. Fir a historical perspective we need to consider how different factors that have influenced the country to arrive at this situation where a recent and young country like Qatar with no history became better ranked...
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