Corruption in China

Topics: Political corruption, Republic of China, Corruption Pages: 7 (2980 words) Published: May 6, 2012
Corruption in China

Corruption is a very interesting topic when studying about China. It is like a label of this nation. When you talk about China, you will associate it with corruption. It is also like an open secret and hidden rule. Missing this part, your study of China will not be completed. Almost everyone in China has their individual thoughts about corruption, because they all either a lot or a little involve in the corruption case. Sometimes, even a primary school student will think that they should send some nice gifts to their teachers on the Chinese Teacher’s Day. It is like a culture in China. People are used to it. However, when it gets to a point which is unfair to the people, they will try to fight back. Therefore, the laws of corruption are created. As corruption has shared a big part of attention, the laws, of course, have to make a clear definition of it and they have defined it in many different types. The number of the types of the common categories of corruption in China is already surprising us. Among all types, there are three categories are sharing most of the percentage. They are embezzlement, bribery and misappropriation. As shown in the chart below, these three types of corruption share the biggest part of one project or one people. These three kinds of corruptions are easier to be found out among all other kinds, so China is putting most of the energy to crack down these types of cases. Embezzlement is very common in China, because it will be easier to rouse up the officials’ greediness when they can actually see and control the money. Some funds of a city are fully controlled by the government. There is not a higher level fund supervisor department to put an (Retrieved from eye on the money. Therefore, almost everyone will take out some money for their own when the fund is passing by. In this case, this group of officials will try to protect each other because they all have corrupted on the same point and do not want to be found out. Even they are caught and put on court; the judges are still helping them. This is because the laws in China have so many leaks that can be used. Most of the time, it will not ascertain the condition. The way to define the laws is all determined by the judges. Therefore, another corruption opportunity is appeared. This is sad but common in China. Bribery is also very common in China. In the old time, between 1977 and 2000, bribery is everywhere. When a six years old kid wants to go to a better primary school, you can even directly give the head master a fifty thousand dollar sponsor fee. In the back time, if you know the head master of the school, you can save a space for your kid. Now, the government makes it legal, so the students must pass the test first and then give sponsor fee. One more example, if you want to have a pharmacy, you need to have many departments’ proven documents because it is hard to get a license of selling drugs. There are some people saying that if you give some money to each department, they will let you go through all the process easier and faster. As you know, in the businessmen’s eyes, time is money. They will think that it is worth to spend some money in order to start their business earlier. Sometimes they may directly send cash to the officials and sometimes they may send some expensive gifts. As they know it is a sensitive movement, they may communicate with the relatives of the officials and indirectly give them advantages. This is because that the laws state that a corruption case will only be put on record when a national staff is involved. Therefore, if the officials’ relatives are receiving money and gifts, it makes it harder to incriminate the officials. On the other hand, some people mix bribery with “Guanxi.” As we all know that, “Guanxi” is an important part of doing business in China. It literally means “relationship,” stands for all types of relationship....
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