Power Root Pest Singapore

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Executive Summary2
Analysis of main issues in the country: Environment Factor3-5 Opportunities and Threats Analysis6,7

Executive Summary
Power Root is a Malaysia company which selling instant coffee to worldwide such Singapore, Korea, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand. The environmental factor of Singapore included Political, Economy and Technology are stated in this report. Other than that, there is also Opportunities and Threat analysis of Power Root Company in Singapore.

Power Root is a Malaysian company to develop and promote herbal energy drinks fortified with two main rainforest herbs: Eurycoma longifolia Jack or commonly known as "Tongkat Ali" and Labisia Pumilia and Pathoina or "Kacip Fatimah". These herbs are indigenous to Malaysia and its properties for promoting physical well-being are highly regarded by Malaysians.

Environment Factor ( Singapore )
Political / Legal
Singapore is an enterprise friendly country. The government has set up several organizations in helping the business in a very systematic. Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI)
The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) has its vision to make Singapore a leading global city of talent, enterprise and innovation. Its mission is to promote economic growth and create jobs, so as to achieve higher standards of living for all. Ministry of Finance (MOF)

The main regulatory statutes under MOF are the Companies Act, Business Registration Act, Currency Act and Accountants Act. The emphasis of the regulatory policy is on development, rather than control. Corruption Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB)

Singapore is reputed to be one of the few countries in the world where corruption is under control. This is due mainly to the strong political will to curb corruption, firm actions taken against the corrupt regardless of their status and background, and the general public who do not accept corruption as a way of life.

Economic miracle
Singapore has been called an economic miracle because of how much it has achieved in a short span of time, and in spite of its lack of natural resources. The Singapore economy is an example of a vibrant free-market economy that is developing at a rapid pace. The per-capita income of the country is the highest in ASEAN. The business sector has been supported and strengthened by a corruption-free environment, an educated and motivated workforce, and well-established legal and financial business framework. In the post-independence 1960s, all that the island possessed was a strategic entrepot location, a hardworking population and visionary leadership. It has since built up its foreign reserves that total S$225,754.2 million (Monetary Authority of Singapore, Dec 2010). Singapore’s free-market economy and political stability, together with a modern infrastructure, business transparency and favorable tax conditions, make it attractive to both investors as well as international companies wanting to set up a regional base in Asia.

Wireless Broadband
The wireless market in Singapore has seen rapid growth over the last couple of years, with the mobile phone transforming from an accessory to a lifestyle necessity. As of Mar 2011, Singapore's mobile phone penetration rate was at 145.5 per cent compared to 102.8 per cent five years ago - a compound annual growth rate of over 7 per cent. 3G networks have been rolled out by all our mobile operators since 2005, and estimated 7,500 public Wi-Fi hotspots in high human traffic areas in Singapore. The successive of e-commerce and eB2C model are highly relies on the broadband internet. At least 10Mbps of broadband internet service is available. The comprehensive IT infrastructure also has encouraged MNC to setup their regional operation in Singapore. The successful of the financial and IT services business are highly rely on the state of the art IT...
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