Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) and Ethics

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BUSM3311: International Management
Literature Review
Le Tuan Anh – S3245886

BUSM3311: International Management
Literature Review
Le Tuan Anh – S3245886

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What is CSR?5
What is Business Ethic?7
The link between CSR and Business Ethic7
Examples of Companies that fail to aplly CSR7
Reasons to activates CSR7
How to intergrate CSR globally?8
How to perform ethical CSR?9
The case of Vinamilk10
Similarities and Differences11
Research Method12

With the booming development of the world’s economic, the term Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) is becoming very familiar with many companies. It is a strategy that about how company can minimize the negative impacts of its operation on the stakeholders while maximizing its positive impacts (Lantos, 2001, p. 600). The meaning of stakeholders here are the employees, suppliers, consumers, society or even the environment which are indirectly or directly affected by the activities of company. In fact, the term CSR is very common in the late 1960s and early 1970s after many multinational companies formed the term stakeholders (Freeman, 1984). However, even though CSR was started early but it is still a debatable topic because people are still questioning about whether CSR is having ethical perspectives or it is just a way for companies to attract economic through social activities. CSR has been experienced in both ways but if CSR is running totally in an ethical way, the world will become much better (Smith and Nystad, 2006). The main aim of this paper is to find out the link between CSR and Ethic and how ethical CSR could be applied globally? The paper is also illustrated by giving a typical example which is Vinamilk Company (Vietnamese Milk Company) with the “one million glasses of milk for poor kids” strategy. The aim of this CSR practice is not only helping poor kids have milk to drink but also improve the awareness of consumers in ensuring the health of families and share the responsibility with the community. Finally, at the end of this paper, there will be some similar and different point of views about CSR from many different experts and how this research was conducted.

What is CSR?
There are several definitions of CSR under different scopes and none of them are globally-accepted. Generally, CSR refers to Corporate Social Responsibility - “a set of management practices that ensure the company minimizes the negative impacts of its operations on the society while maximizing its positive impacts” (Lantos, 2001, p. 600). Chakrabarty (2008) totally agrees with him and even added that CSR also deal with stakeholder’s benefits. The “3 waves of CSR” are: * Community engagement

* Socially responsible production process
* Socially responsible employee relations
This definition is quite easy to understand since it clearly provides the three main missions of companies which are applying CSR strategy. With the similar thought, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (cited in Kercher...
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