Pharmaceutical Industries and Csr in India: Relationship Between Csr Activities and Financial Performance of Pharmaceutical Industries

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  • Published : March 27, 2011
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Mayur Sojitra


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Adv Prof Dev & Res: Project Proposal and Plan

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Mayur Sojitra


Pharmaceutical Industries and CSR in India: Relationship between CSR Activities and Financial Performance of Pharmaceutical Industries

Project Overall Aims and Objectives
The modern base of globalisation and ethical behaviour has considerably changed the basic philosophy of Corporate Social Responsibility of any organisation or company. Companies are awakened to be socially responsible for their profit maximisation. Most large Multi National companies feel extensive pressure from consumers, employees, suppliers, community groups, government, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), and institutional shareholders (these groups are collectively known as stake holders of a company) to engage in being socially responsible (Morrison Paul, Catherine J. and Siegel, Donald S., 2006). In recent years, scholars in the field of several business administrations have studied the implication of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on economical and communal performance of an organisation or a company. Especially, pharmaceutical industries are always in the sight of their stake holders. Pharmaceutical Industries deal with the products which are related to living organism, therefore, they always trying to be good to the community. Having a background of Pharmacy, I am having keen interest in Pharmaceutical world. Therefore, my research will focus on Pharmaceutical Industry. Pharmaceutical Industries are engaged in several activities like manufacturing, research and development, patenting, marketing and testing of various drugs and cosmetics. Pharmaceutical Industries manufacture drugs as well as beauty products. Medicines are also broadly classified in two classes as OTC (Over The Counter medicines which can be sold without prescription) and prescription drugs (which are strictly given according to prescription). Branding in OTC product is vital to pharmaceutical company‟s strategic differentiation and obtaining competitive edge in their business. It is certain that adopting the CSR principles involves costs. These costs vary from short term in nature to long term in nature. Sometimes in order to achieve CSR objectives, pharmaceutical companies may have to buy environment friendly Adv Prof Dev & Res: Project Proposal and Plan

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Mayur Sojitra


equipments, change in management structure, or implication of strict quality controls (Margarita Tsoutsoura, 2004). By investing money in CSR objectives companies desire or expect to gain increase in profit level or brand image. Sometimes the investment in CSR objectives is immediate but the outcome of that objective is slow. Therefore, we should measure the relationship between CSR and Financial Performance of Pharmaceutical Industries. Many Researches have been done to measure effects of CSR on Pharmaceutical world, but most of them are done for the countries like U.S. and the U.K. In my research I will conduct the analysis to measure the effects of CSR on Pharmaceutical Industries in third world...
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