Corporate Social Responsibility Activities at Infosys Technologies Ltd.

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  • Published: September 29, 2011
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Purpose of the Report
This report attempts to study the CSR activities and initiatives carried out by software giants Infosys Limited, to understand the motivations behind these initiatives and benefits to Infosys and society. The report was prepared for the purpose of a report writing exercise in Management Communication. A survey by means of a questionnaire was carried out to determine the level of involvement by employees in these activities and to obtain a general idea of the various activities being carried out at Infosys as part of their CSR. A total of 10 employees responded to the survey, and were from among those involved and some who were not involved in CSR activities at Infosys. CSR Activities at Infosys

All surveyed respondents acknowledged the increasing importance of CSR to a company both from the image and goodwill point of view as well as from the responsibility they believed a company had to the society. However a number of the respondents were not aware of the initiatives being carried out by Infosys except for passing mention in mails and newsletters of the company. Inferences drawn

Infosys has set an example for other major corporations to actively participate in CSR activities. Their commitment to society has shone through their setting up of an Infosys Foundation carrying out philanthropic activities in various fields of Health, Social Rehabilitation, Rural development and Learning and Education. Also with Governmental measures to mandate CSR allocations for companies, Infosys Technologies limited shines out as an example of a company which was already committed to society before it being asked of them. In their own words, “ In the soul of Infosys, is ingrained a drive to awaken in the employees, customers, investors and stakeholders a spirit of responsibility - to ourselves, the environment, our civic systems, the governments in the regions where we work and contribute, and to the future of the generations to come....
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