Corporate Social Responsibility

Topics: Social responsibility, Corporate social responsibility, Socially responsible investing Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: May 11, 2013

Executive Summary 2
1.0Introduction 3 2.0Contents 4 3.0Recommendation & Conclusion 6

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Executive Summary
The purpose of this report is to understand to what extent do organizations engage in CSR for reasons that are connected to marketing and other strategies rather than as purely altruistic measures? As it is the requirement and question in our topic. This report contains several parts. In the first part will be the brief introduction in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and term of “GreenWashing”. The second heading will be explaining why companies engage and emphasis so much in Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR). Followed by a brief discussion and in the last part some recommendations are given based on the analysis, followed by the conclusion of the report. References will be enclosed in this report.

1.0 Introduction

Nowadays, companies faced a trend to be more involved with the communities in which they work. So that is where Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) comes in. Corporate Social Responsibility can be defined as actions of a company that changes business operations to improve or maintain a company’s impact on society and the environment. CSR is a way for companies to benefit themselves while also benefiting the society. On the other hand, some might say it is “Greenwashing”. Greenwashing is an act of misleading consumers about the environment benefits of a product, service, technology or a company practice. We will discuss several reasons why firm engage in CSR with marketing and other strategies rather than purely altruistic measures.

2.0 Content

2.1 Cost savings

First of all, through CSR it is one of the easiest way for a company to start engaging in sustainability is to use it as a way to cut costs. Such as...
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