Corning Incorporated : the Growth and Strategy Council

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Company Background :

Corning Glass Works was founded in 1851 by Amory Houghton, in Somerville, Massachusetts. The company was known as Corning Glass Works until 1989, when it changed its name to Corning Incorporated. Corning Incorporated is an American manufacturer of glass, ceramics, and related materials, primarily for industrial and scientific applications. In 1998 Corning divested itself of its consumer lines of Corning Ware and Corelle tableware and Pyrex cookware. As of 2008 Corning had four business segments: Display Technologies, Environmental Technologies, Life Sciences, and Telecommunication. Innovation was the core of corning’s Identity, because coning is a science based company, Innovation is the engine for the company.

Fact 1 : The Formed of Growth and Strategy Council
Corning has formed the Growth and Strategy Council (GSC) in 2001 the core group member are CEO, COO, CTO, heads of research, development and engineering and the head of HR. The role of GSC is varied from making decisions about pacing and investment, advising businesses on pricing strategy etc. The GSC is about establishing best practices and getting all innovation programs to the same level of rigor.

Lesson learned 1: GSC as Change Agent Management.
Corning needs to maintain their performance in a long term condition. It needs strategy and great people who involved and have willingness to improve the performance for sustainability. The individual or group that undertakes the task of initiating and managing change in an organization is known as a change agent and that what’s corning did when fomed GSC. In many innovative-driven companies, managers and employees alike are being trained to develop the needed skills to oversee change (Tschirky, 2011).

My experience
I am working at bank bjb which the ownership is 100 % by the government of west java province and Banten province. By 2010 the company had...
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