Cornet at Night Essay

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Love, Characters in Romeo and Juliet Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Jack Kerr
Mrs. Jensen
English 10
13 May 2012
“Puppy Love” Throughout Romeo & Juliet
Is Romeo really deep in love with Juliet? Or is it merely infatuation? Romeo loves Rosaline, and allegedly Juliet is not ready to marry, but in the course of one climatic evening, both those statements become false. It is indisputable that throughout Romeo And Juliet, William Shakespeare shows on multiple occasions that Romeo and Juliet are both experiencing “puppy love” and not true love.

Romeo Montague’s apparent love to Rosaline at the beginning of the play shows how needy Romeo is. Since Rosaline did not want to lose her virginity, Romeo lost interest in her seconds after looking at Juliet. Romeo is allegedly in love with Rosaline but since she cannot fulfill his ‘needs’, he moves on very quickly to Juliet. “Did my heart love till now, forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.” (I.v.52-53). Within seconds, Romeo completely forgot about Rosaline. Before going to the party, Romeo is depressed and lonely. Before the Capulet’s feast, Romeo has never heard of Juliet, and afterword he is proposing to her. Romeo must be experiencing “puppy love” because there is no way that he can possibly move on from Rosaline that quickly. Romeo is concupiscent and desperately wants a girlfriend so he is letting his hormones getting the best of him and falling in love with any girl he finds attractive. If Juliet tells him that she wants to stay a virgin, Romeo would have undoubtedly found another girl to, “fall in love” with.

Another way that Romeo shows he is only experiencing “puppy love” is the fact that he meets Juliet on Sunday and marries her Tuesday. Romeo is young and immature and he is going way to fast, like he is on a near constant adrenaline rush. Romeo is trying to be smooth and is just acting on impulse throughout the play. “Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast.” (2.3.94-95.). Friar Lawrence just found out that Romeo is in love again and...
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