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Topics: Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom Pages: 9 (2983 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Background to Company:
In 1994, the Company was set up, he created the company to fill a gap in the Irish market where consumers were looking for a full dinner which was pre-prepared and only requiring reheating. His concept of a frozen readymade meal was the first product of its type available to the Irish market and his target demographic was the working person who was looking for a substantial meal, requiring little preparation once they arrived home from working late.

Having received the Country Cooking Company’s accounts for the year ended 31 December 2011, it is clear to see that by the Companies Amendment Act 1986, this company would be classed as a small enterprise. {Companies Amendment Act 1986 - Section 8, Subsection 2}

“The qualifying conditions for a company to be treated as a small company in respect of any financial year are as follows: (a) its balance sheet total for that year shall not exceed £1,250,000 (b) the amount of its turnover for that year shall not exceed £2,500,000, and (c) the average number of persons employed by the company in that year shall not exceed 50.” The company has a very apt location, in Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim which is located within the Irish midlands and is surrounded by prime agricultural areas, therefore means that the country cooking company is supporting the local Irish economy, keeping the meals 100% Irish and always having the freshest ingredients. The company has recruited experienced chefs to come up with the meals which the country cooking company believes gives the consumer a feeling of eating a home cooked meal. As the majority of Irish people would be aware, the traditional concept of an Irish dinner is Meat, Vegetables and Potatoes; it would be very important that the chef’s at the Country Cooking Company would use fresh Irish ingredients to create the ready meals. The meals are prepared fresh every single day and then freezing them immediately helps preserve the nutritional content. When the country cooking company was first created there was a small variety in the company’s product range; this included roast chicken, roast beef and roast chicken dinners. However, over the past eighteen years, the company has expanded and grown its product basis to include organic and conventional meal accompaniments, a deli style range of curries, pies, casseroles and bakes.

Chosen Market – Northern Ireland
The international market that our group has picked to expand into is the Northern Irish market. There are many reasons for picking Northern Ireland as the market, it is first of all the closest international market to the Republic of Ireland, they are both located on the one island, making transportation very simple to accomplish as there are many transportation companies with offices on both sides of the borders. There would be a low cost in terms of transportation as stock would not require to cross the Irish sea to mainland UK, mileage costs would be kept down. Due to the nature of the business, the products offered by the company would definitely appeal to the tastes of Northern Irish consumers; having visited Northern Ireland on many occasions, restaurants and pubs serve the same kind of traditional Irish meals, making it an ideal market to enter. Also, it is important to remember that the Country Cooking Company is still relatively small and to expand into a larger market than Northern Ireland would require huge investment in the company to update its production capacity, storage facilities and employment skills level. The company prides itself on home cooked meals cooked by chefs; the company may well have to abandon this idea and become very automated should the UK market had been looked at as well, meaning the companies home cooked meal ethos goes out the window. Having researched the market and looked at the consumers who are most likely to buy the product, we have decided the target demographic would include: •Working Men and Women

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