Preparing Home Cook Meal

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Preparing Home Cooked vs. Dining Out
Professor Wade: Eng. Comp

Preparing a home cooked meal is better than dining out, a lot of you could agree. There are three good reasons as to why home cooked meals are better than dining out, and those are “Time, You get to cook it, and finally get to spend time cooking with your family.” There is nothing like a home cooked meal, because it expresses your heritage roots and give you a chance to taste home no matter where you are. Man truly there is nothing like cooking at home, your home first of all right. You can prepare it anyway you’d like.

The first reason why cooking at home is so enjoyable is Time, the reason why is because when your home there is no time frame. When you cook at home you can take as long as you want, and you choose when it’s done. Now in a restaurant the time depends on the chef and how fast the waiter gets your order to the kitchen, or how busy the place is at that time. However the only bad thing is that a lot of the time, the cooks don’t play by the rules of time and take forever to make even the most simple of dishes, like Grilled Cheese.

The second thing is you get to cook it yourself and really there is nothing better than that. A reason why is you know exactly how you want it prepared, and want you want with it as well as on it, and that’s a big plus. Also, you don’t have to argue with the chef about how it’s cooked. For example a man named Joey Tome was with his family and they went to Outback Steak House. While they were there his wife ordered a steak, she wanted well done and she complained about it being too pink. So they got a new one, just goes to show you cooking at home is a lot safer.

The last thing about how cooking at home is better is because of your Family and friends. Being in the house cooking with your family is like an adventure waiting to begin and unfold. Like holidays are awesome when you cook with your family, they bring so much to the table and you have...
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