Contrastive Linguistics

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  • Published: December 4, 2011
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Slovenski jezik – Slovene Linguistic Studies 7 (2009): 153–168

Biljana Božinovski Ljubljanska borza, d. d., Ljubljana

The Language of the Stock Exchange – A Contrastive Analysis of the Lexis V članku je podana analiza jezika borze s stališča slovensko-angleške protistave. Izrazje (samostalniške zveze) obeh jezikov smo protistavili tako v strukturnem kot v semantičnem smislu, pri čemer se je razkrilo več protistavnih značilnosti, med drugim različni načini ubeseditve istega pojma, terminološke praznine in lažni prijatelji, slovensko borzno terminologijo pa zaznamujejo tudi angleške tujke. The article analyzes the language of the stock exchange from a Slovene-English contrastive viewpoint. The specialized lexis of the two languages was juxtaposed as to the structural and semantic differences of their respective terms and expressions (nominal phrases), revealing such contrastive phenomena as different conceptualizations, terminological gaps and false friends, while the Slovene stock exchange terminology is also characterized by English foreignisms.

1. Introduction James characterizes contrastive analysis (CA) as a hybrid linguistic discipline (1989: 4), since it is neither particularist nor generalist and is interested both in the immanent genius of a language and in the ways in which one language compares to other languages. CA does not strive to classify languages and is interested both in the differences and similarities between them. Having had strictly pedagogical implications at first, the theoretical foundations of CA were initially laid down by Robert Lado in his Linguistics Across Cultures (1957). Lado supported the conviction that if learners of a foreign language (L2) were made aware of the ways in which their mother tongue (L1) and L2 differed, this would facilitate foreign language learning. He went even further by claiming that the elements of L2 that are similar to the learners’ L1 will prove simple to learn, with those that are different...
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