Contrast the Similarities and Differences Between the Text and the Graphic Comic Versions of the Hunger Artist

Topics: Franz Kafka, Charles Bukowski, Malnutrition Pages: 4 (1379 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Contrast the Similarities and Differences
between the Text and the Graphic Comic Versions of the Hunger Artist
“The Hunger Artist” is a short story first written by Franz Kafka. Then, the story was created into graphic novel by Robert Crumb. “The Hunger Artist” is about a man who experiences his fast for many days, travels from town to town with his impresario. He is locked in a case and on display in front of unknown people wherever he stops by. Throughout the story, the Hunger Artist performs his art of fasting passionately. He refuses food, but behind his fast is a need of other kinds of nourishment: public recognition and artistic perfection. However, he finally hunger for both physical and spiritual nourishment. What he does is just separates himself from other people because they do not understand him. People look at him curiously. The Hunger Artist put himself into isolation and is seen as an alien. The more he does to achieve his pride, the worst he gets back from people watching his art. This aspect explores an important theme of the story that the pride if not managed will harm people badly. Therefore, do not live under imagination. The two versions of “A Hunger Artist” share some similarities such as the theme, the main character, and emotional impact brought out from the character’s behavior and thought. However, they still have few differences due to the effect of picturing: less word, each scene is put into a panel, and therefore appeal to the readers.

The similarities between the two stories state on the theme, main character, and emotional impact. The stories concentrate on the artist’s pride and his passion of recognition that control over the story on every aspect. He wishes to achieve something that no one has never ever achieved before. He wants to be the best faster in the land and lets people know that “how easy it was to fast.”(Kafka 466) “It is the easiest thing in the world.” (466) He even blames on people because they do not let...
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