Continuing Professional Development Plan

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  • Published : July 14, 2011
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Recent studies have shown that people who have their life objectives set are more successful. Continuing Professional Development plan is a mean where an individual set certain personal and professional objectives they would like to achieve. An interesting feature of it is that each CPD is unique to its owner and it does not necessarily fit others. As a result each individual prepare it differently, some prefer a details plan noting all the steps and actions they intend to take, however others highlight their objectives. Updating the CPD can either be on regular bases or whenever it is needed. CPD provides the individual with a route map of what they want to achieve in their lives, and because they update it frequently they can measure their progress. That will allow them to celebrate their achievement/s and highlight what they need to focus on. Its benefit goes beyond the individual him/herself to the organization especially if it was formally incorporated to the individual career path and individual developmental areas. That will maximize the utilization of the available talent pool and boost their morale which as result will reflect on the organizational overall performance.  Successful HR Professionals need to acquire a unique blend of Knowledge, skills and behaviors. Solid knowledge background about the organization, operating environment and related rules and regulation along with HR related skills such as interviewing, listening skills, negotiation, effective influencing skill. In addition to various behaviors which are composed of the following at different levels, curiosity, decisive thinking, the ability to deliver, effective team member and/or leader, and act as role model. The composition of the mentioned earlier are essential for HR professional the higher level the HR Professional escalates to the more emphasis on the strategic perspective of HR.
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