Conterversal Essay on Tabacco

Topics: Tobacco, Smoking, Passive smoking Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Smoking should be illegal. Primarily the smoker’s lungs are permanently damaged. Also second hand smoke is by far the worst type of inhalation of smoke. Many say that smoking is a freedom. But should the government allow people to kill each other in order to be “free”. Our health should not be in danger if we want to be free. Also many teenagers who try cigarettes have a higher rate of violent offenses and, are more likely to be addicted to this horrendous drug. Therefore cigarettes should be prohibited from production. 443,000 deaths annually and 49,400 of those deaths are from secondhand smoke exposure. Smoking has been killing people ever since forever. Most of those deaths are of people who tried to quit and couldn’t find the strength or help to actually do it. If we illegalize it we are just helping the smokers who want to quit. Many people want to say that it is their life and they can do as they please with it but once you see the statistics on how many human beings who don’t smoke and die due to exposure, then you see that that is not the case anymore. Once they put our lives at risk then, it is time for the government to step in and take control of this chaotic situation. Nonsmokers who are affected by this are simple innocent bystanders. Just because the smoker has chosen to throw their life away and smoke it to death does not give them the right to make that horrible decision for the rest of us. Smoking is the same thing as euthanasia. Someone sells another their death. Do you think that is human? If these tobacco companies know that they are selling a product that has already killed a huge fraction of our population? Do you believe that should be legal? The reason that many of these companies are prosperous is due to the addicts who grew up smoking. To them it has become very normal to smoke your lungs out every day several times a day but that is where the companies have to step in and show these people what they are up against. There are...
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