Why Government Should Ban Tobacco

Topics: Smoking, Cigarette, Tobacco smoking Pages: 3 (1083 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Its nine centimetres long, wrapped in thin white paper, has 599 ingredients to it and kills approximately 47,000 people in Canada alone, cigarettes. In today’s society cigarette usage has become very popular, because of reasons such as media influence, peer pressure, and/or stress. But people are getting influenced and pressured into the wrong thing and using the false cure for their health conditions, what they’re actually doing is digging their own grave, well at least that’s what 4.93 million Canadians are doing to their selves. Every year the Canadian Government is passing numerous laws to the public to protect the people of the country. But one law that the Canadian government has yet to pass on could be the law that could save the most lives, that law is banning the production of cigarettes to the Canadian public. I strongly feel that the Canadian Government should ban cigarettes because of the fact that it’s harmful to the economy, to the Canadian people, and the environment. First and foremost the government should illegalize production of cigarettes because it’s harmful to the people who smoke and the ones around them. Every cigarette has an addictive drug known as nicotine in them, nicotine is one of the most powerful drugs known to man, and it reaches the brain faster than drugs that enter the body intravenously. Cigarettes contain an enormous amount of chemicals and poisons such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and/or arsenic. These chemicals in a cigarette can cause; cancer, lung disease, and heart problems. Not only are smokers harming themselves but their also harming the people around them, who choose not to smoke, it’s not fair to the non-smokers that even though they avoid cigarettes they’re still harmed by the malicious side effects that cigarettes carry. Second hand smoke is the smoke that rises from a cigarette into the air, and when we breathe air around a smoker the smoke comes into our body. What people don’t understand is that the smoke that...
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