Consumer Survey

Topics: Frito-Lay, Brand, Preference Pages: 2 (303 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Consumer Survey
A few questions about the snack you eat
1) Are you a regular consumer of packaged snacks of brands like Frito Lays, Kurkure, Haldiram, Pringles, Bingo etc?

2)Please indicate your sex.

3 Of the following, which is your most preferred brand of
packaged salted snacks?
Frito Lays
Bingo mad angles
Haldiram Namkin
Other, please specify

4 What is it that makes you prefer a particular brand?
Brand Name
Variants offered
Anything, which is easily available

Survey Page 1
5 Where would Bingo figure in your list of preferred snacks?

6 When are you most likely to consume salted packaged
Morning (I am not a fitness freak, I'd rather have chips
than corn flakes)
Afternoon (The most handy and easy to carry snack)
Night, Evening
All through the day
Chips are way too oily to fit in my diet regime

7 Something to ponder upon, what medium is most likely to
influence your decision in selecting a snack?
Snazzy advertisements in print and electronic media
Your favorite movie star and cricket team captain
endorsing the product
Peer reviews and peer preferences
Visibility and availability in the market
Other, please specify

8 What is the one thing that differentiates Bingo mad angles from the rest, if at all anything does?
The 8-plus varieties in which it is available
Availability at every single retail outlet, anywhere in the
Quality, quantity and pricing
Survey Page 2
A few questions about the snack you eat
9 What is your weekly expenditure on branded snacks?
>Rs 200
Rs 100-200
Rs 50-100
<Rs 50

10 What is the one change in the product that would make
you a Bingo loyalist? Any suggestions you got for the
brand and the company?
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