Consumer Rights

Topics: Consumer protection, Consumer organization, Transparency Pages: 4 (1127 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Case study!!!
Coke fined for insects in Sprite|
New Delhi, April 28 (PTI): A city consumer court today ordered Coca-Cola to pay over Rs 1 lakh after a man found dead insects in an unopened bottle of Sprite, advertised as the company’s top product in the soft drinks market.“It seems that giant companies have only focused their eyes on their one-point programme ' make money. For that end they will even play with the public’s health,” the district consumer redressal forum (north), comprising its president K.K. Chopra and members R.K. Prabhakar and Neeru Mittal, said.Atul Khattar, the complainant, had registered the case against Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, USA, Hindustan Coca-Cola Manufacturing Co Pvt Ltd, local manufacturer Moon Beverages Ltd and Suri Cold Drink, the retail outlet from which he had bought the contaminated drink.Directing Coca-Cola and its three ancillaries to bear the damages “jointly or severally”, the forum directed them to pay Rs 1 lakh to the consumer legal aid fund here and Rs 20,000 to the complainant for the mental agony caused to him| -------------------------------------------------

"Instances are not rare where foreign objects have crept into airtight sealed bottles or packages where the manufacturers claim foolproof automatic process of bottling or packing," said the Commission, ordering Emami to pay Rs 5,000 to buyer Sunita as compensation and to submit another Rs 25,000 as punitive damages with the Consumer Welfare Fund. Holding the company "guilty of negligence and deficiency in services", the Bench said it "cannot be oblivious of the fact that in such like process one in hundreds or thousands of packed or sealed articles, a foreign object is found" which may harm users if consumed. The order came on an appeal filed by Emami against the order of a district consumer forum which, finding the firm guilty of negligence, had asked it to pay Rs 77,000 as compensation. Sunita, a south Delhi resident, said she had bought a one-kg pack...
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