Consumer Psychology and Marketing

Topics: Marketing, Emic and etic, Phoneme Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communications Article Analysis PSY/322
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Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communications Article Analysis

Consumer psychology is described as the study of the patterns or choices that people make when purchasing items or services (Perner, 2010). It involves trying to predict the buying patterns of consumers, as well as what types of advertisements or promotions reach various groups of consumers (Perner, 2010). Depending on the scholars and their areas of expertise, many different articles reflect a different definition of consumer psychology, which as a result affects how the subjects and the marketing communication messages are defined. Based on the articles “Issues and New Directions in Global Consumer Psychology” by Mashewaran and Shavitt, and “Simulating Market Dynamics: Interactions Between Consumer Psychology and Social Networks,” by Janssen and Jager, scholars portray consumer psychology in a different light based on how they attempt to create a successful marketing communication message. In “Issues and new directions in global consumer psychology,” researchers examined the various ways in which etic and emic models can help businesses specialize their marketing communication universally (Mashewaran and Shavitt, 2000). The researchers have found that while many businesses have been increasingly interested in gaining a better understanding in consumer psychology, they have not been able to gain ground in the promoting consumer psychology as a discipline (Mashewaran and Shavitt, 2000). Mashewaran and Shavitt discuss the necessity to equally evaluate the emic, or the cultural values of a nation, as well as the etic, rules that are often applied to basic research, in order to create standards that assist researchers in developing a proper marketing strategy that efficiently reaches people based on their culture while validating theories that have been held true for...
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