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Executive Summary1
Research Objectives3
Qualitative Research4
Secondary Research5

Executive Summary
This report has been prepared to evaluate the effectiveness of Consumer New Zealand’s online subscriptions and ways that it could improve its interface to not only retain the current subscribers but to attract new ones. Through both qualitative and secondary researching it was found that most people use the consumer review websites as a confirmation rather than at the start of the decision making process. The availability of free and similar reviews in other websites such as CNET means that users choose not to spend to read reviews that are in the Consumer NZ website. It was found that the subscriptions were unappealing to the users and they wanted some changes to it. The ability to easily browse the Consumer Online website meant that the users were able to get to the reviews they want quickly and this convinces them to use the website again. It would be recommended to revise the subscription options to appeal to new users to counter the ‘free’ websites.

Consumer New Zealand is a non-profit organisation that reviews products and services for New Zealand consumers. It started off as just a magazine subscription but expanded into the online world with the increased reliance on the internet by the younger generations. In order to retain its users and to attract new customers for its online publication, Consumer New Zealand need to identify the topics that would most appeal to New Zealand consumers today. Researching through interviews and external reports, Consumer New Zealand could then be able to identify the key areas that need tinkering on the website that would lead to increased online subscriptions. (Agee, 2011)

Research Objectives
Consumer New Zealand‘s management decision problems are converted to marketing research objectives to help us explore with market research. The research objectives of the case study are as follows:

* Determining the consumers’ likes and dislikes regarding the features in consumer review websites and evaluating effectiveness of alternative features * Assess the types of products/services/topics of interest of consumers * Assess current amount of subscriptions with the current payment options and evaluate the effectiveness of alternative options * Determine profitable markets and the extent of influence of the website in decision making.

Qualitative Research
Concentrating on the target audience of consumer review website users, preferably Consumer Online, a qualitative in-depth interview was conducted with two frequent internet users. They were asked questions based on their preferences and recommendations on any features to improve consumer review websites to make it more appealing to the younger audience. Key Findings

When asked about the features the users liked about the website, the following were identified: * The users find it easier to read the reviews of the products and services on the seller’s website rather than going to the Consumer NZ website * The users like the user-friendly nature of the Consumer New Zealand website. The layout is simple and the users do not waste time in getting to what they are looking for Further questions about the subscription options revealed the following: * Subscription prices are deemed too much especially when the website won’t be used frequently * $25 for a one-off report is deemed too much when similar reviews can be found online for free on websites such as CNET * Users are reluctant to pay to subscribe especially when the use is usually one off. * The one-off reports cost slightly less but it is only available for 7 days which...
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