Consumer Behaviour Report

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On Ground Services”

TO: Sir Javed Mehmood

By Fahad Ali Sheikh

airblue’s HISTORY

Starting in 2004, airblue's fleet of next-generation Airbus A320 aircraft will offer world-class travel to many cities within Pakistan. Led by a team with decades of experience in the industry, airblue embodies a new era in passenger air travel. Airblue has integrated unique innovations to ensure security and affordability. Among these are complete online reservation systems, online reservation hold/in person payment at various locations, and mobile airport check in procedures.

• Remain competitive by keep on improving and introducing company’s premium services.

• To be socially responsible as the national airline.


• To develop and expand company business as Airblue is a national carrier, to become one of the world’s best airlines.

• To support Pakistan’s tourism industry.

• To maximize profit in order to raise funds for human resource development and equipments necessary to achieve the above objectives.


Year 2006 marks the 2nd anniversary of airblue and start of operation in European destinations. Various measures were initiated and introduced to deal with the present scenario of worldwide competition amongst different airlines around the world. These measures were specifically designed and implemented to provide best costumer satisfaction in every aspect.

To evaluate and assess on ground customer satisfaction practices by Airblue, a small survey has been conducted by me. The extracts of the information generated from this research are in briefly discussed in the following report.


In these times of fears inter airline competitions; Airblue understands the importance of delivering a memorable traveling experience for its passengers. Thus the survey is conducted keeping in mind the different on ground key areas evaluation. These are the essential services that provide direct support for the companies’ main business of air transportation and these units must operate with a high level of coordination so as to enable aircrafts to depart and arrive at airports on schedule, safely and conveniently resulting in costumer trust.

The information needs highlighted in the research project consist of the following objectives.

1. To analyze the services provided by the travel agents prior to reservations. 2. To examine the significant factor for preferring AIRBLUE by its passengers 3. to measure how important is the air fare for the customers in referring to a specific carrier 4. To study that how long does it take to reach the boarding gate area and either its acceptable or not by the passengers 5. To evaluate the assistance provided by the AIRBLUE staff at the airport 6. To uncover that which particularly are the procedures at the airport for the reason that the passenger get dissatisfied 7. To analyze the Airblue’s personnel performance at the airport due which the passengers get displease 3. RESEARCH DESIGN AND DATA SOURCES

A research design is the basic plan that guides the data collection and analyses phases of the research conducted. It basically refers to systematic framework that specifies the type of information to be collected, the sources of data and the data collection and analyses.

The data sources of the research conducted regarding the on ground customer services operation consists of the extracts from the external sources which includes the emphasis on survey and questionnaire analyses along with the personal observation and evaluation.


The survey report designed, concerns three key issues regarding

1. Who or what is to be included...
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