Consumer Behaviour

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Business Information Systems – Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. designs, manufactures and sells a variety of electronic devices such as computers, phones and portable music players. However, they also sell a range of software’s, applications, network solutions, services, peripherals, and third-party digital content, with high street stores across the world selling their latest gadgets. Apple have many ways in which the implement information systems into their day to day works for example, delivery, websites, payroll and staffing and most especially sales.


* To expand their sales to customers who have not yet own any Apple’s products.

Apple is aiming to market their products to first time buyers. Information systems play a vital role in transferring material to the consumer. By advertising their product and pushing new products into third party retail stores it allows Apples products to be available al most anywhere.

* To produce hassle free products that provides service and enjoyment for customers.

Simplicity is a key factor take into consideration. Aiming to make a product easy to use may seem like a basic objective but many other electronic gadgets on the market this day and age are difficult to understand. By Apple making it simple for people to use their products it opens up their market to a wider audience. This also can be linked to information systems.

* Become the leading business in the mobile market.

To become the leading business in any sector is a task that comes with hard work. Apple has many competitors in the mobile phone industry who offer a very similar product. However, Apple have created a sense of loyalty between the bran and the consumers which cause them to continuously upgrade to the newest Apple products.

Types of Information systems

A information system is a system that consists of all the communication channels that can be used within a business. There are five types of information systems...
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