Consumer Behaviour

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Consumer Behaviour:


Consumer behaviour and marketing strategy:
* market segmentation
* positioning strategy
* new market applications
* global marketing
* marketing mix
* consumerism, ethics and non profit marketing

Consumer behaviour is product person situation specific
* product specific
* person individual
* situation

Consumer behaviour
* a discipline dealing with how and why consumers purchase (or don’t purchase) products and services

Consumer Lifestyle
consumer lifestyle -> needs/attitudes that influence consumption decisions -> consumer choices -> behaviour/experiences that reduce, maintain or enhance lifestyle -> consumer lifestyle

Factors that determine and influence consumer lifestyles:
* motives
* emotions
* lifestyle
* demographic
* personality


Consumer research is the function, which links the consumer to the marketer through information

Theory provides a conceptual foundation and understanding of the basic processes. It is defined as a conceptual scheme based on foundational statements or axioms that are assumed to be true

Analytical model is a set of variables and their interrelationships designed to present in whole or in part, some real system or process.

Research questions are refined statements of the specific components of the problem

Hypothesis is an unproven statement or proposition about a factor that is of interest to the researcher

Data collection:
* secondary data:
* primary data: examples are
* focus groups,
* depth interview,
* projective techniques
* survey
* observation
* experiment
* sampling

1. the collection process for primary data is very involved and the collection cost is very high 2. an interview conducted by a trained moderator among a small group of respondents is an unstructured and natural manner is an focus group 3. qualitative research is an instructed, exploratory research methodology based on small samples intended to provide insight and understanding of the problem setting 4. consumer researchers have developed a scale for measuring brand love, which uses seven point scales anchored with strongly disagree and strongly agree. This is an example of a likert scale 5. a subgroup of the elements of the population selected for participation in the study is a sample 6. probability sampling is a sampling procedure in which each element of the population has a fixed probabilistic chance of being selected for the sample


Situations influence consumer behaviour

Four situations:
* Communication situation- where? Alone or with others? Surrounding noise? * Purchase situation- where? Alone or with others? In a hurry? * Usage situation- with guests or alone? For pleasure or for work? * Disposal situation- before the next purchase? Trade ins? After the purchase e.g. packaging

Five dimensions of situational influence
* Physical surroundings
* Social surroundings
* Temporal perspectives
* Task definition
* Antecedent states

Example of physical surrounds
* Store location
* Interior décor
* Music

Examples of social surroundings
* Types of customers in the store
* Queues and crowding
* Whether the consumer is likely to be known by others/recognised

Examples of temporal influences
* Whether the product is seasonal
* Whether the product is urgently required (snack between lectures) * Time available for shopping limited/excess

Examples of Task influences
* The reason
* Is the product utilitarian or used as a status symbol
* Is it a gift or for oneself
* Must the product be long lasting/tough

Examples of antecedent states
* Moods- feeling sad triggers sweets
* Momentary conditions- cant eat ice cream because my teeth hurt

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