Consumer Behavior

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Consumer Behavior
Kaplan University
Unit 5 Project

The strategic benefit of stimulus generalization doesn’t outweigh the possible disadvantages in strategic marketing. I think that many times people want to have choices in the products that they use on a regular basis. According to our book, classical conditioning learning depends not only on repetition but also on the ability of individuals to generalize. Without this, not much learning would take place (Schiffman, L. & Kanuk, L. pg. 203). Many times established brands, knowing that consumers will buy because of brand loyalty, will add related products to an existing product. Marketers will also offer product form extensions to help sell their products. If you look at Bath and Body Works, they have packages that come with soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and lotions that you can buy that all have the same scent. Looking at toothpaste, many times Crest will have toothpaste, whitening strips, and mouthwash that all whiten your teeth; this is an example of product form extension. By marketers using some of the ideas listed above, I think that the disadvantages are over shadowed by the benefits that consumers get from the different choices they’re given. Not everyone will like the same thing. By having choices, you can find something that works for you, isn’t the important thing dental care for this example? One way that Crest and Colgate could decrease the confusion regarding toothpastes and related oral hygiene products would be to color-coat the products that you use together or they could color-coat like items that have the same products in them. For example, whitening items could be one color; you could have the Crest logo and have the background color on the mouthwash, toothpaste and the white strips all in green. This way the consumer would know that those products whiten your teeth also. I feel that the most important thing as a marketer is to try to find products to build on. People aren’t always...
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