Construction Management

Topics: Construction, Project management, Risk Pages: 8 (1949 words) Published: April 7, 2012
SUB: Construction Management
Total Marks: 80
1. Explain the dealing with owners’ supplies. (5 marks) 2. Write short notes in the following. (20 marks)

a. Guarantee Tests
b. Demobilization
c. Environmental case
d. Testing commissioning and Trial Run.

3. Describe the purchase procedure in a construction organization . (20 marks) 4. Explain ABC analysis for a construction organization (5 marks) 5. What is Risk Identification Analysis and Classification? List out the Risk avoidance and Reduction measures. (15 marks) Risk analysis is a process of classifying hazards by their potential for harm, considering both consequence of the potential harm, and the likelihood of the hazard causing harm. Once the classification has been done through the analysis priority for action can be assigned to high risk hazards.

RISK:How severely can someone be harmed by the hazard, and how likely it is that a person will be harmed by the hazard.

Risk Analysis
When analysing risks, three factors should be taken into consideration. The consequence of the potential harm, the likelihood of the harm occurring, and what if anything has been done already to stop or control the hazard.

Risk Classification
Once the consequence and likelihood have been determined for the hazard, the hazard can be given a risk classification, using the OH&S Risk Classification Matrix as shown below. The higher the risk classification that is assigned, the higher the level of risk associated with the hazard. The risk classification should be used to assign priority in hazard control.

High Risk| Medium Risk| Low Risk| Very Low Risk|

Extended Classification
A further extended classification of the risk of a hazard is possible by multiplying the initial risk classification with a multiplier. This tool can be effectively used when setting priorities for hazards where multiple people are exposed.

The extended classification considers how may people are likely to be affected by the hazard. The more people affected by the hazard, the higher the multiplier and the higher the extended risk classification. Documenting Risk Analysis and Classification

Once the risk has been analysed, and the level of risk assigned, it needs to be recorded with the hazard identification record. In this way it becomes possible to track which hazards have the highest risk, and which hazards should be controlled with the highest priority.

Recording of the risk classification is often done on the same documents as the hazard record, however, it may be documented separately. Prior to doing your hazard identification and documenting your OH&S risk analysis outcome, it is important to check if there is a set proforma for the documentation of your process. RISK IDENTIFICATION

A baseline set of risks will be created and entered into the project Risk Register. These baseline risks will be identified through the normal course of the project planning process. Risk statements will be written for each identified risk. Risk statements will be clear concise and contain only one risk condition and one or more consequences of that condition. All project stakeholders are responsible for identifying new risks. New risks identified during project related meetings shall be captured and added to the Risk Register within two working days of the meeting. It will be the responsibility of the Appriss Project Manager to make sure this is accomplished.

Appriss brings ten years of experience to the project in implementing similar systems. This experience...
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