Construction Management

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It important to me that you know that I will lead with good communications, I will building relations with you and all though involved, and follow through with respect, because we all know if everybody is not on the same page the work will come to a crawl. Me and my team as well as project manager will set the bar, leading by example setting the standard at the 1st phase to final phase through time, quality, and safety.

* We will implement lean construction working efficient maximize our value bringing in materials, as need to minimize our waste. For us to do this me some of my team and project manager will meet with my subcontractors once a week where we will coordinate key items and we look into the schedule in detail six week look ahead of schedule it allows us to gain from subcontractor knowledge and insight and we get feedback where they see where we can pick up efficiency and they see problems were we can reach quickly, through detail communication and detail coordination.

* Example our Site logistics plan it is orientated to their needs and durations ””””””” “”””””””””’’’’

* Me my team of foreman and inspectors as well as the project manager with insure the all materials that is being install on this job is to specification and code, and that all work is done in a professional manner. * We work with subs that have proper training and certifications and who provide prevailing wage rates to there workers, because we know these workers will pay better attention to safety and quality and we get a better project in the end. * I will have a meeting with my team once a week to here the progress reports from my inspectors, foremen’s, which is the key to our managing risk. With our guidance and oversight looking into our detailed six week ahead schedule we can update and strategize the schedule if there is changes due in which we can coordinate the trades efficiently. I will have someone from my team evaluating this...
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