Construction Blocks - Abstract

Topics: Concrete, Masonry, Aerated autoclaved concrete Pages: 4 (913 words) Published: February 21, 2011
New Building Materials & Technologies 2010


Criteria for selection of walling elements:
     Economy Non- erodability Low thermal conductivity Color & Texture Least amount of consumption of raw material

Construction block technology offers a speedier, cost effective, environmentally sound alternative to conventional walling materials. It is based on the principle of densification of a lean concrete mix to make a regular shaped, uniform, high performance masonry unit. This technology can be easily adapted to suit special needs of users by modifying design parameters such as mix proportion, water/cement ratio and type of production system. It is an effective means of utilizing waste materials local resources; as well as it increases scope for decentralized local production.

Topics to be covered:
1. Various inventions by BMTPC:  Rubble Filler Concrete Block  Precast Concrete Stone Masonry Blocks  Hollow and solid lightweight concrete blocks/ Cinder blocks  Fal – G sand blocks  Fly Ash Bricks etc. 2. Interlocking Hollow Core Blocks by Anangpur Building Centre 3. Various inventions by CBRI:  Compressed stabilized earth blocks  Stabilized Adobe blocks  LATO blocks  Clay red mud burnt bricks/ tiles 4. Eco block by Dave Jenkins Construction, USA 5. Monolithic wall system (POROTHERM/KLIMABLOC) 6. Haener Block – Mortarless Interlocking System 7. Aircrete Blocks – light weight construction blocks by H + H Celcon 8. Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks (AAC) 9. Glasscrete blocks




New Building Materials & Technologies 2010
10. Verot Oaks Building Blocks(VOBB)– dry stack mortar less concrete blocks by Newell’s Design, USA 11. Green bricks made from crushed tiles and old mortar 12. Bamboo/timber mat based walls (Ekra walling) The above study shall include the description of different equipments and procedures required for construction, raw materials and resources,...
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