Consolidated Life Case-Business Ethics

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Consolidated Life is an insurance company that provides services and products to a consumers in the form of life insurance policies, auto policies, renter's insurance (which covers your apartment for any liabilities or damages due to burglaries, floods, etc) any other commercial policies. Consolidated life is a prestigious insurance company however, due to the nature of the establishment the duties required by the worker neither required minimal knowledge nor did you have to have a high level education in order to obtain a position at the company. Mr. Mike Wilson however, obtained a business degree in administration. He was hired by Consolidated Life as simply as you can put a clerical worker. He worked in the policy issue department which main duties included processing or in taking clients orders for insurance, customer service, and client services. One would say that working for them; your performance required little to no creativity. It was the same day-to-day work load. Because it required so little creativity, daily routines were repetitive and can be done basically, with your hands "tied to you back". Mike Wilson demonstrated how an effective a "leader" can be in the workforce rather than just a "manager" by title. He portrayed in existence of “high fidelity” which is the best experience you can have in a workplace. In the book Trade Off, by Author Kevin Maney, the word fidelity deals with “the total experience of something” (Maney, 2009). The author also says that “aura” can also provides an advantage to fidelity. With that being said Mr. Wilson influenced his co-workers with providing them with incentives and rewards in which they can gain a reward at the end of the task but most importantly he provided the right tools and motivations in order for his employees to work in a positive mind frame. This created a system of mutual bipartisanship between supervisor and employee. Model: based on the "Organizational Model Behavior" Mike's drive and motivation can be comparable to a person with "theory y" attributes. The "theory Y" concept displays how an employee's work is "as natural as play". Also a person with this characteristic has a huge sense of self-direction and self-control. Mr. Wilson showed this by cultivating a modern management technique that motivated its workers rather than coerced them which a person who you can place in this. Whereas, a person with the characteristics of "theory x” carries the opposite attractions. The individual is not seen as enthusiastic about their job. They are mainly threatened or told “do it or else” and as stated before, lack the ability and drive to overachieve. They usually follow the motto, overpromise-under deliver. Mikes performance ultimately won him a promotion working in the supervisory assignment area. He won this promotion just six weeks after promise. Mike brought a sense of modern culture although it was seen as "unorthodox" or non-traditional. When comparing the delegation of authority in the levels of management the organization structure clearly shows that the establishment followed an "authority" oriented program in which Presidents are first to make decisions for the overall “vision” for the company in which it then trickles down to the VP who implements the President’s strategy by orchestrating a staff of supervisors to oversee the execution. Situation: There seems to be a drastic change to the division in which Mike supervised some time ago. When Mike realized his unhappiness at his new division he sought a remedy for disaster by returning to his old division forcing him under new terms and most importantly, a new boss. The performance value of his once "over exceeding" staff was now dwindled and unmotivated. The new way in which they worked became stricter and...
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