Conserve Oil and Gas

Topics: Peak oil, Petroleum, Carbon Pages: 2 (322 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Oil and gas conservation means their better and more efficient use with regard to economic social or environmental costs and benefits resulting in attainment of higher energy use efficienciesm minimixation of wasteful practices.

-The simplest way to conserve oil is to cut down the use of cars and bikes -Walk,run or use bicycle or electric bike to reach your distination. It not only conserve oil but also gives exercise as well. -Avoid the use of materials made of plastic as household items,since these are made of using crude oil. -use paper bags or cloth bags instead of plastic bags for shopping. -share the use of cars or bikes with your neighbours. -use conventional method of cooking in houses.

-According to an estimate by 2015 we will require 80% of oil resources. So we have to conserve energy. -Oil and gas are non-renewable sources. When it run out it will become a great qquestion of survival. -We owe it to our cjhildren and grand children to use such a great resources responsibily. -Extracting oil and gas also cause considerable ecological damage. BENEFITS OF OIL AND GAS CONSERVATION:

- Once you conserve lthe own consumption of oil and gas your fuel bills are reduced. -Oil and gas conservation leads to reduced demand in turn tends to lower the -price of oil and gas and its products. -consrvation of oil and gas leads to decrease in pollution. -Conservattion of oil and gas reduces the flow of money to major exporters. -Conservation of oil an gas makes a reserve of such products to future generation. CONCLUSION:

It has become a strong and defenite opinion that we have to conserve the use of oil and gas for the survaival of of future generation. Either conserve it or adopt...
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