Consequentiality and Deontology

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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MATRIC NO: 2011646112

Istanbul Aku Datang is a movie about a sweet and naive blogger named Dian who travels to Istanbul in plan to make her boyfriend, Azad, a medical student, to propose to her. She enrols in language course in the same university as Azad and in the period of three months, she hopes that her plan on convincing her boyfriend to propose her will be success. Due to the unexpected circumstance that come to her way, Dian have to move out from Azad’s house and rent out another apartment without knowing that the apartment is already tenant. Despite of being cheating and runs out of money, Dian tries out her very best to clear the situation and build a good relationship with the rightful tenant of the house, Harris who is a quirky and shy artist while tries to hide from her boyfriend the truth that she is sharing the apartment with a guy. The stakeholders in this movie are Dian, Azad and Harris. Dian’s stakes is to ensure that Azad will be her husband. Azad’s stakes is to keep Dian as her girlfriend but not telling her that he got someone else while Harris’s stakes is to stay in the apartment without have to share it with Dian. The main villain in this movie is Azad while the hero and heroine are Dian and Harris respectively. The ethical dilemma of the villain Azad is whether to being honest and tells the truth to Dian that he already have another girlfriend. The ethical dilemma of the hero, Harris is whether to let Dian stay with him with the fact that Dian have been cheated and got no money left to rent another house. The ethical dilemma of the heroine, Dian is whether to being honest to tell Azad that she is actually sharing the same apartment with Harris. Ethical or Moral Issues

The ethical or moral issue in the movie is about honesty. The main villain in this movie is not being honest since he is cheating behind his...
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