The Great Train Robbery

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Intro to American Cinema

The Great Train Robbery
The main characters in the film The Great Train Robbery(1999) were slick, good-looking criminals. They were very good at what they did and were well-known in the underworld. The main characters involved were Bryan Field, Fred Forman, Gordon Goody, Master Edwards, Charlie Wilson, Roy Jones, Bruce Reynolds, and Ronnie Biggs. This included Bruce Reynolds being chief planner, who worked among the trains, while the mastermind of the plan was Bryan field. Gordon Goody and Charlie Wilson were the only heavily armed in this train robbery. The other four were former south London gang leader Fred Forman, Jewel thief Master Edwards, racing star Roy Jones, and most famous fugitive Ronnie Biggs and they were not heavily armed or have much of any weapon on them. The plot for this story would focus on the bank robbers. The story goes through and has the main characters telling the story of how the robbery went, how the planning went and how it turned it. The main thing was to rob the train at 3a.m. to steal the 2 million plus pounds of money that were riding on the train that morning. The narrative for this story was a calm voice who went about telling the story of the happening of the train robbery, how the police went to take care of it, how they were found and in the end how the people thought of the crime. In throughout this film the main characters, the detective Jack Slipper, and the friend Norman Parker talked about the robbery. They put their thoughts into what they did, how they did it, and just made little comments to help the detail throughout the movie so you could also see their half. The conflict in this film was found out more towards the end. That even though the criminals were criminals because they did steal the money, when it came to the punishment the people sided with the criminals. It became that the people thought that the criminals were now being treated like victims with their sentencing. The...
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