Consequences of Global Warming

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Measures taken to reduce pollution.
National efforts.
Developing proper waste disposal methods
1. 2009= Singapore has 4 incineration plants to burn solid waste. 2. Incineration plants can produce electricity and reduce volume of waste= emit air pollutants and costly to build. 3. Singapore green plan 2012= aims to reduce amount of solid waste generated How?

1. Reducing waste going through incineration plants and landfills. 2. Promoting waste recycling and minimisation.

Measures taken to reduce pollution.
Individual efforts
1. Adopt practices which reduce waste, ride bicycle, take public transport, recycle old newspaper. 2. Be informed about national and international plans for environment conservation so we can do our part to help. 3. Reduce, reuse and recycle waste to protect the environment. 4. Best and cheapest way to deal with waste and pollution= produce less pollutants and practise the 3Rs.

Measures to reduce noise pollution.
National efforts: laws and regulation enforced to regulate acceptable noise levels produced by vehicles, workplaces, industries and construction sites.

Various noise reduction methods:
- sound barriers
- planting trees and shrubs
- walls with sound muffling features
- install mufflers in vehicle engine

Measures to reduce noise pollution. ( individual methods)
1. Minimise the amount of noise we create through our daily activities. For example: listen to music with headphoneS at night in consideration for our neighbours.

Environmental protection in Singapore.

Environmental planning in Singapore
- ministry of environment and water resources is responsible for environmental cleanliness in Singapore. - national environmental agency protects and enhances Singapore's clean living environment. - national environmental agency monitors and reduces environmental pollution through preventions like the above.

Environmental protection in Singapore.
Environmental planning in Singapore.
1. The Singapore Green Plan...
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