Cons for Healthcare Uniform Dressing Code

Topics: Nursing, Nurse, Florence Nightingale Pages: 2 (342 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Cons for healthcare uniform dressing code
Elias K Melly
Missouri Valley College
NU 420: Professional Collaboration in Nursing Practice
T Carla Wade, MSN/MBA-HCM, RN
September 2, 2012.

I do come from a different society and more so a different culture, the issue of uniform is not subject to exception. Different institutions have different opinions why they should or they shouldn’t be wearing uniform. I come from a society that most health institution still wears the white outfit of the nursing culture. In general, making nurses to wear uniform may deny them the opportunity to express themselves by having to wear the same outfit throughout their career in most cases, this uniforms are unfashionable compared with the ancient time of wearing white cap and white dress, nowadays the nursing clothes are being redesigned to provide for just easy recognition . White uniform in my thought is just but the reminder to the patient that they are sick or in an institution. However, it is the practice environment and not the dress that do foster the uniqueness of nurses and their ability to freely express themselves. It’s not what wears that express a lot but rather the delivery of care to the patient and our attitude matter the most (",”) . Scrubs are not weather friendly in that during summer, scrubs are hot and cold in the winter and furthermore they wrinkle and bunch up. Hence it could be to the best interest of the nurse to decide what outfit to wear and not the institution deciding on the color and material of the scrubs. I do work at Fitzgibbon hospital and unfortunately, all the department should adhere to the new uniform rules by January 1st 2013. The rules are that nurses, techs, radiologist and other department will have their own different uniform colors that staff voted for early this year. Unfortunately, I do have no option but to follow the institution’s new rules....
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