Should Teachers Have to Wear Uniforms?

Topics: Education, Dress code, Teacher Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: June 13, 2012
Should Teachers Have to Wear Uniforms?

I’ve recently read on the internet that a local school district has passed school uniforms for students. The same school has also decided that teachers should wear uniforms as well. Should all schools have to make teachers to wear uniforms? Here are some of the different factors which should be taken into consideration by school districts that are debating whether or not their teachers should wear uniforms. One of the biggest problems that are raised about students being forced to wear uniforms is that it may take away from their self-image. Can uniforms take away from self-image for teachers too? Probably even more than students. Even though a student may be able to give a little push to their self-image by adding certain accessories to their uniform, teachers may not be able to do the same. I think that another thing which should be taken into seriously is whether or not teachers will be comfortable in their uniforms. This especially applies to women. Many women have a different preference as to what skirt length they feel the most comfortable in. Some women would rather not wear a skirt or dress at all, but would rather wear dressy pants. If teachers need to wear uniforms, they should be able to have a variety to select from to make sure they are comfortable with their adjustments. There are many different work settings which need employees to wear uniforms. Restaurants, hotels and many different types of services need workers to wear uniforms. While some would argue that college educated adults should not have to wear uniforms, there are many different professions that do need people with degrees to wear uniforms. Nurses and dentists, for example, have to wear uniforms. What makes teachers so special that they should also not fall into the category of uniform wearers? If students are being forced to wear uniforms to school, they may be wondering why their teachers are allowed to wear whatever they want. Some...
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