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The life of the Confucius happened in the ancient China during the Spring and Autumn period. His unique ideology of running the state by Ritual, Music and Ren opposes to the strict laws which has been practiced by the other states. Without the fully support from his ruler, Confucius goes on a long journey of traveling among six states for fourteen years.

In his era, China consists of many states. Among them, six states are strong enough to influence the future of the kingdom. Military conflicts frequently occurred among them. In order to build up strength to survive, many states adopt Legalism which implies strict laws to its people. In this troubling time, the very first in human history, Confucius proposes his ideology which roots deeply ever in Chinese culture.

The reason that makes Confucius one of the most important philosophers in the world is that Confucius understands profoundly human’s nature and implements way of thinking and regulations to achieve the Great Unity.

Two of the implementations are Ritual and Music which was prospered in the early Zhou dynasty. It is fading away in Spring and Autumn period. Confucius believes by having its people following the old tradition of Zhou’s Ritual and Music. The society will become much more stable and eventually the strength of the state can be improved significantly.

The concepts of loyalty to the king and the piety toward parents are unique in Chinese culture. These philosophies are widely spread by Confucius and later been adopted for two thousand years. In his teaching, one has to work with another. Even the neighbouring countries such as Korea and Japan are been greatly influenced. Loyalty and piety are believed in the contribution of establishing a strong...
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