Conflict Resolution

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  • Published : July 11, 2010
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|Lesson 3 | |Win-Win Conflict Resolution | |Introduction | |In Lesson 3 you will learn another communication skill that in conjunction with Empathic Listening and I Message will help you | |establish positive relationships with students, parents, colleagues, friends and family members. This skill is Win-Win Conflict | |Resolution. | |Win-Win Conflict Resolution (Win-Win) is a democratic approach to resolve the conflicting needs of teachers and students in a | |manner in which the needs of both parties are satisfactorily met. (Gordon 1974; Covey 1989) | |Lesson Objectives/Outcomes | |At the end of the lesson you will: | |Be able to explain what is meant by Win-Win conflict resolution. | |Be able to recognize situations where Win-Win is and is not being used. | |Use Win-Win conflict resolution correctly. | |Assignments for Lesson Three | |After reading the material on the Study Guide and going over the review, complete the following exercises: | |Practice Exercise: Identify which of the scripts presented in the Study Guide reflect the use of Win-Win and which don't. | |Exercise 3-A: | |a) Prepare a script (dialogue format) in which Win-Win is not used correctly. | |b) Redo the previous script using Win-Win correctly.  Write a brief reflection on the differences between both scripts. (5 | |points) | |Exercise 3-B: Prepare and deliver a script (dialogue format) using Win-Win.  Write a brief reflection on its delivery and | |effect. (5 points). Post Exercises in the Discussions area. | |Example of a Work Plan | |Lesson | |Assignment | |Points | |Completion Date | | | |  3 | |Read Study Guide and go over the review questions. | | ...
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