Confirmation Bias

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  • Published : August 4, 2012
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As human beings we form explanations, judgments, and impressions with ease; we adapt our generalizations in any given situation. As convenient as this may be at times, it can also be a negative thing, confirmation bias can easily influence our perceptions and holding certain beliefs can also generate their own confirmation; regardless of the statistics, facts, or proof. Our preconception of our society, world, or even any given situation will greatly influence how we will interpret those things and situations or by the beliefs that we hold. Since most people tend to side with information that confirms how they may perceive a situation, a good example could be gun control and the bias that may arise depending on the person availability heuristic on the topic or how bias they are on the topic, they may look for certain, bias, information to confirm their beliefs.

The beliefs that we hold can also generate confirmation as well, for example holding a belief that a supervisor at work may not be the proper person for the job can lead one to treat that person in such manner; regardless of the skills that the person has that got them the promotion in the first place. Forming such reasoning can lead us to create false beliefs, as our text book stated “one can be very smart and exhibit seriously bad judgment” (Myers, D. G. 2012) our same ability to form and adapt our explanations, judgments, and impression can also lead us to make false beliefs.
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