Conduct of Research

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The following is the institutional format used by FC in conducting research:

A. Parts

Research shall consist of the following parts where applicable: 1. Title Page
2. Approval Sheet
3. Abstract
4. Dedication
5. Acknowledgment
6. Table of Contents
7. List of Tables
8. List of Figures
9. List of Appendices
10. Chapter 1 The Problem and its Background
11. Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature and Studies
12. Chapter 3 Methods, Procedures, and Sources of Data
13. Chapter 4 Presentation, Analysis, and Interpretation of Data 14. Chapter 5 Summary, Conclusions, Recommendations
15. Bibliography
16. Appendices
17. Curriculum Vitae

B. General Formatting

a. Fonts: Arial or Times New Roman Size 12 only
b. Margin: 1.5 inches on left side, 1 inch on all other sides c. Paper: Use the approved FCAT research stationary
d. Binding: Emerald green with gold letters. Use approved format for title. Logo of school must be present on front. Spine must have the acronym FCAT or FC, the year of research defense and approval, and the title of the research.

C. Further Explanations per Part:

1. Title Page – Example:

(In bold, capitalized inverted pyramid format)
A Thesis
Presented to
The Faculty of the College of Education
Fernandez College of Arts and Technology
Gil Carlos St., Baliwag, Bulacan
In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

October 16, 2009

2. Approval Sheet – Please see Appendix A of this section for an example of an Approval Sheet 3. Abstract – The format for the abstract is:

Afterwards (in paragraph form) a summarized version of the following: Statement of the Problem, Methodology, Summary of Findings, Conclusions, Recommendations.

4. Dedication – The dedication should be limited to one page. Only the initials of the researcher/s should appear.

5. Acknowledgment – The acknowledgment should follow this sequence: The organization funding the research (if any), research adviser, Dean of the department the researcher belongs to, the panel, followed by any other persons/organizations the researcher/s wish/es to thank. Only the initials of the researcher/s should appear at the bottom.

6. Table of Contents – The table of contents lists the parts of the thesis on the left and the corresponding page number on the right

7. List of Tables – Tables refer to any tabular representation of data. Tables are numbered numerically from starting with 1.

8. List of Figures – Figures refer to any graphical or illustrated representation of data. Figures are also numbered numerically starting with 1.

9. List of Appendices – Appendices refer to any supplemental material included by the researcher such as details of the statistical procedures, transcripts of interviews, etc. Appendices are numbered alphabetically starting with A.

10. Chapter 1 The Problem and its Background


● The proponent should describe the existing and prevailing problem/situation based on his/ her experience. The scope may be global, national, regional, or local. ● The proponent should give strong justification for selecting such a research problem in his/her capacity as a researcher. One good justification is being a part of the organization or system to be researched and the desire and concern to improve the systems. ● The researcher should link and relate the introduction/ background of the study to the proposed research problem, and should cite the motives which prompted him/her to conduct the study.


● The theoretical framework must consists of theories, principles, generalizations and research findings which are closely related to the present study under investigation. ● Authors of these theories and principles...
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