Conditional Love of Bimala and Sandip

Topics: Interpersonal attraction, Love, Emotion Pages: 5 (1926 words) Published: October 12, 2011
My focus is on relationship between Bimala and Sandip !!
Is it love ?
Is it attraction ??
Or a way to freedom for bimala ??
Or a way for sandip to meet his self needs ??
In the retrospective opening of THE HOME AND THE WORLD bimala seems to evoke her mother’s tradition – bound Hindu womanhood . A strange fusing of love and worship – a feminine characteristic that was recognized universally as Beautiful . This ideal consists in complete devotion to one’s husband , unquestioning self – surrender to the rituals of the society . Bimala feels these customs to depict innocence and beauty. On the other hand , Sandip is a person who pulls lover and motherland together , and country and bimala become one . Starting with the events and meetings relating to bimala and sandip are as such :- Till Bimala meets Sandip , she has preconception that he uses his husband’s wealth in the name of country . Their first meeting is in Nikhilesh’s house where Sandip arrives to address a meeting . Bimala is deeply struck by sandip’s passion and energy for Swadeshi movement and could not help herself from gazing him till his last words of speech . Later she praises sandip’s speech in front of his husband . To which Nikhilesh replies – “tell him that “ and thus their next meet is planned. And thus she is preoccupied with swadeshi thoughts and also about what she should wear when she meets him . Thus one can see that Bimala is attracted towards magnetic sandip . The second meeting is at Dinner table at Nikhilesh’s house , where Sandip could not stop himself from telling about the fire he saw in bimala’s eye and also titled her as “ queen bee “ . Bimala in a black bordered red sari is clearly happy to meet sandip again . With every meeting she becomes less reserved and more frank . She also decides to break convention by visiting Sandip in the parlour . With active involvement , bimala became a kind of magnetic to sandip , her only purpose of daily visits to the outer sitting room was to meet Sandip.She meets him with her husband’s consent , even his connivance . Without Sandip’s presence , Bimala’s daily excursions would be purely a matter of form , such as , she goes nowhere else , visits no tenants , surveys no social conditions , meets no British officials . Her gaze , her will , her desires are demanding , activating , prompting . Both Sandip and Bimala see love as something that requires material love . They call each other King and Queen , they think they are messengers of great future , prophets of new faith. Love , moreover is a source of power for both – For each over the other , For both together , For power over all others .Sandip is necessary to Bimala’s sentimental education. She is not under blind passion beyond control , she is well aware of her actions . The thing is as simple that she has political views that are opposed to Nikhilesh’s views . Sandip just played a role of catalyst in her road to freedom or for sympathy to swadeshi movement . As for instance , even before introduction of sandip in bimala’s life , bimala had sympathy towards swadeshi movement and even asks Nikhilesh to burn her foreign clothes . Secondly , one can draw the same point from Miss Gilby’s incident . Bimala’s desires is directed towards object outside herself - be it her mother , her husband , nation , Sandip , to be simple – material possessions . Her love is a feeling that desires an identity with the object of her desires . I think Bimala posses an autonomy , but she is indecisive of an identity in which she wants her desires to be fulfilled . She moves between Nikhilesh and Sandip , trying to find her true desire . Also from the text , we can see she is puzzled between physical characterstics that Nikhliesh and Sandip adores , “ The bare neck and the piled up hair” that Nikhil adores or “ the partly bared bosom , the deep red colours and sinuous silks” that delights Sandip . Her desires are like that of a pendulum that...
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