The Leopold Locked Room

Topics: Detective fiction, Locked room mystery, English-language films Pages: 3 (985 words) Published: October 8, 2012
The Leopold Locked Room is a short mystery story written by Edward D. Hoch. Leopold, a police captain is found in a closed locked room with his murdered ex-wife. Results show that Leopold's gun fired the fatal shot, but Leopold and readers know he's not the killer. Every bit of the story is cleverly though out. If you enjoy reading short mystery stories this is a great story to read.

Captain Leopold and Monica were once married. When Monica wanted to go pursuit her career and her dreams in California as an actress, Leopold refused to go with her because he just started on the police force and his future looked bright. Monica left him. Shortly after arriving in California and having no luck with the acting career she had a nervous break down. A year later Leopold had received his divorce papers. For the past 15 years Monica had wanted revenge on Leopold since she thought it was his fault for all her past mistakes. The wedding had become the perfect opportunity to get her revenge. Monica's niece Vicki Nelson was getting married to Ted Moore. Ted Moore is a lawyer, which later would try to help Captain Leopold. Captain Leopold was invited to the wedding but he didn’t want to go long because he knew Monica would be there. He didn’t want to see Monica at the wedding, so he told his colleague Lieutenant Fletcher about the story of him and his ex-wife Monica. At the end of their conversation Captain Leopold asks Fletcher to wait outside in the cop car. So he has an excuses and didn’t have to stay long at the wedding. At Sunset Farms where the wedding was held, Captain Leopold runs into a few of Monica’s family members. One being Monica's step brother Immy Fontaine. They talk for a bit then Leopold is introduced to Dr. Felix Thursby, Monica's new boyfriend. Later in the story you find out that Dr. Felic Thursby real name is Max Thompson. During the wedding reception, Monica wanted to talk to Leopold. So they entered a huge unfurnished square room where...
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