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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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The MDC Jazz Band ensemble was held in the McCarthy Auditorium on October 28th 2010. The conductor of the Jazz Band was Matt Bonelli. The concert consisted of 3 Jazz and 3 dance performance happening simultaneously. A large crowd attended the performance which began at 8.00 pm and ended at 9.30 pm.

The first piece was the Wind Blues was hard to listen to because it was very loud to the extent that the sound produced was harsh. The trumpet part of the performance was the best. The sound produced was smooth while the performance encompassed metered rhythm; slow at the beginning but faster at the end. The Archa was the easiest to hear. The tempo of the Archa was slow at the beginning, metered, and crescendo at certain point of the performance. Throughout this piece, the pitch remained the same with trumpet and horn solos at the front. This was the longest piece.

The second performance was composed mostly of dance as the piano was being played. The piece had crescendo at the beginning, then harsh sound unmetered. The harmony of this performance was polyphonic. The trumpet and the piano players began playing concurrently toward the end of the piece. This was the loudest part hence resulted dissonance. During this performance the composer stood at the front. The final piece was referred to us the Snake. The Anglo Saxophone player was the bassist. This performance was metered loud. The theme of this piece was easy to identify. The kind of rhythm in this piece was conjunct.

In general I liked the performance particularly the trombones and trumpet. The synchronization of dance and jazz made the whole performance much more interesting. The Jazz performance often absorbed the audience into different mood. The natural dance supported the mood created by the Jazz performance thus making it much more interesting.
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