Concept Notes for Smed Implementation

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Topic: Improving Style Changeover
Performance using
Single Minute Exchange of Die

Compiled By:
Parthin Thakkar

Compiled By:
Parthin Thakkar

Improving Style Changeover Performance using Single Minute Exchange of Dies

Selected Thematic Area – Production
Research Problem –
* Changeover is the process of converting a line or machine from producing one product to another. * This leads to a lot of time spent in an activity that actually has no end usage, and eats up a lot of time that is meant for production. * To reduce the changeover time, sequential processes need to be converted into parallel processes. * The activities that can be moved out of the line should be moved out for external setup, and can be plugged back subsequently. * Within mandatory internal setups, activities can be scheduled or pre-planned in a manner that the speed of process changeover is maximized (instead of experimenting with real time hits and misses). Background –

In the garmenting setup, SMED can prove to be a very effective tool during style changes. During this process, a lot of time goes to waste to set up and arrange the desired machinery. In many cases, even a simple thing like adjustment of machine tension is arrived at after a lot of time spent in trials. SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Dies) is a system for dramatically reducing the time it takes to complete equipment changeovers. The essence of the SMED system is to convert as many changeover steps as possible to “external” (performed while the equipment is running), and to simplify and streamline the remaining steps. The name Single-Minute Exchange of Dies comes from the goal of reducing changeover times to the “single” digits (i.e. less than 10 minutes). There are instances of substantial changeover activities even when the product type is same, but there are little...
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