Concept Analysis of Self Mutilation

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  • Published : September 8, 2011
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Concept Analysis of Self-Mutilation
Pamela C. Williams
Grand Canyon University: NUR-502

ConceptAnalysis of Self-Mutilation
Many health professional have a difficult time defining self-mutilation. Often times individuals who present with self-inflicted injuries are said to be suicidal. This is not always the case. In order to guide nursing research and develop effective nursing interventions, the concept of self mutilation needs to be examined closer. Nurses need to have a better understanding of what self-mutilation means, why people self-mutilate, and what the risk factors for self-mutilation are. This knowledge will provide a basis for research leading to effective interventions so that nurses can provide competent care to patients presenting with self-inflicted injuries. To better define and describe self-mutilation, a concept analysis was performed. The first step was collecting information. Numerous electronic databases and the World Wide Web were searched using the words self-mutilation, self-injury and cutting. Factors for inclusion in the analysis were that the articles must be from a peer reviewed journal, must be printed in English, and must discuss the act of self-mutilation. Forty of the 213 abstracts reviewed were chosen for evaluation because they discussed self –mutilation unrelated to a suicide attempt or a mental illness. It was then narrowed down to 26 articles that provided a sufficent definition of self-mutilation. Two books were found and included as a result of an examination of a reference list. The second step performed was data analysis. A table was used to analyze, code and display information. Information was catagorized according to definitions, surrogate terms, defining attributes, antecedents and consequences. Works by authors in the disciplines of nursing, medicine, psychology and religion were found (). Self- mutilation is defined as the intentional act of tissue destruction with the purpose of...
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