Computerized Provider Order Entry System

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  • Published : May 23, 2012
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CPOE Case Study
Neci James
HCS 483
April 19, 2012
Hubert Bryant
When an industry decides to implement a new system, it is important that the roles, responsibilities and dates are clearly defined. It is important that everyone is on the same page and that certain steps are followed to make the smoothest transition possible. In reviewing the implementation of a CPOE system at Memorial Health System, there were many indicators that this project was doomed to failure before implementation even started. In this analysis I will highlight some of those indicators and relate them to their respective failure type.

From start there were clear signs of lack of belief in the project which was shown on two separate occasions. Initially the stakeholders actually opposed the system and did not want the system implemented at all because they believed there workload would increase. This is a direct result of ineffective communication and demonstration of the systems. Benefits and features should have been expressed and possible real life situation given to help stakeholders better understand the system. Another example of the lack of belief was when there was no faith in the timeline and implementation of the system because of the prior email system implementation. This took years when it was expected to only take months. This was also a form of organizational baggage. It was very clear that the leaders had doubt in this project. If the leaders and management do not have the confidence or believe in a team to implement a system then it should be expected that the competent individuals are not in the correct roles.

There was significant misunderstanding of the complexity of this project. Not having a sufficient timeline and accurate planning of all tasks allowed room for the project to go over the timeline because there was no planning for testing and failures. In addition, staff working more than one project at a time and not being solely dedicated showed initiative...
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