Computerized Inventory Sysytem

Topics: Gramophone record, Marketing, Small business Pages: 3 (734 words) Published: March 9, 2013
St. John Bosco Institute of Arts and Science
Pio del Pilar, Makati city

In Completion with the subject Description
Analysis and Design System

System Proposal:
Computerize Inventory System

Main Objective:
The main objective of this study is to show the problem of the Inventory system of the Captains Burger and how we can help to improve the recording of the items via computerize inventory system Secondary Objectives:

* To develop a System that can record every item without any failure Sometimes the most commonly problem in this kind of establishment is human error because of the manually recording of the item coming in.

* To Improve the inventory system being use by the establishment The most common problem of the inventory system is loss of files. * To develop a system that can record the items that come in and out. They only use manual system that sometimes result inaccurate documents.

* To improve the documentation of the inventory
In the computerize Inventory system the owner can easily recall every item that is being use or in stock. * The improve security of the files
In human recording the files can be altered by any person not in this system the only person that can access the files if the owner of the business

Chapter 1: The problem

1.1 Introduction:

The Captain Burgers is a small business franchise for family that want to start a business it is currently spreading in manila and other parts of the Philippines. Though this is a small business it is a very good income producer for cheap food for people it’s product is widely love by people who want to have cheap and affordable food. The system for recording there inventory is via human labor thus it sometime result to human error and an inaccurate record of items that comes in and goes out.

1.2 Rationale:

As any other food service establishment the Captains Burger uses an inventory system but...
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