Computer System Scenarios

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  • Published : March 30, 2008
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Scenario 1

My recommendations for Sarah’s Flower Designs would include a workstation, a personal digital assistant, and a solid state storage device or compact disk (CD) recordable drive. I would consider updating their current computer system into a small workstation. According to Axia College Week One reading Computer Hardware Technologies (2008), “Computer companies design workstations for a specific purpose, such as developing architectural blueprints or processing DNA” (p. 54). This workstation will be specifically designed to handle all the financial duties, client information, and order histories. In order to do this, I recommend upgrading the hard drive and the central processing unit (CPU). This would allow the new computer to accommodate all the information that they need to store and have enough processor speed to run all of the needed programs. I would also suggest using a solid state storage device or CD recordable (CD-R) drive to help store records and provide a way to backup important business files. In order to help Kim keep track the addresses and delivery instructions, I would recommend using a hand held computer or a personal digital assistant. This would be an excellent way to keep track of the many addresses and delivery instructions that they may encounter. Scenario 2

My recommendations for the SBI Corporation would include a minicomputer and 20 laptop or notebook computers. According to the Axia College Week One reading Computer Hardware Technologies (2008), “Their small size, lower cost, and relatively high processing power make them suitable for many organizational applications” (p. 53). With this in mind, I recommend using a Sun minicomputer. With this minicomputer in place, there should be plenty of room for improving the company website. In order for the employees to access company programs and email while they are traveling, I have recommended a notebook computer or laptop. According to Axia College Week One reading Computer...
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