Computer Game Addiction Researches

Topics: Video game, Addiction, Video game addiction Pages: 29 (6647 words) Published: March 21, 2011
Effects of Computer Game Addiction to Academic Performance
of Third year AB Students of Holy Cross of Davao College


A Research Paper
Presented to
Dr. Danilo L. Mejica


In Partial Fulfillment
of the Course Requirement of
Education 7
(Introduction to Research)

Agulo, Emily
Monteverde, Rhay Brian
Bedro, Edward Caesar

October 2010
Holy Cross of Davao College
Sta Ana Avenue, Davao City

Approval Sheet

This study entitled “Computer Game Addiction and its effect to the academic performance of Third year AB students of Holy Cross of Davao College SY 2010-2011”. Prepared and submitted by Emily Agulo, Anna Marie Ballesteros, Rhay Brian Monteverde, and Edward Caesar Bedro. In Partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree Bachelor of Arts has been examined and is hereby endorsed.

Research Committee

Dr. Busquit Pablo Ph. DDr. Danilo Mejica

Adviser College Instructor

Table of Contents

Title Page i
Approval Sheet ii Acknowledgment iii
Abstract iv
Table of Contents v List of Tables vi List of Figures vii

1 The Problem and A Review of Related Literature
Review of Related literature 2
Theories /Concepts 10
Theoretical/ Conceptual Framework 11Statement of the Problem 14
Significance of the Study 14
Scope and Delimitation 15
Definition of Terms 15

Research Design 16
Research Locale and Participants 17
Research Instrument 17
Data Gathering Procedure17
Data Analysis 18

3Results and Discussions

4 Conclusions and Recommendations
Conclusions 24
Recommendations 24 References25

A Validation Letter26
B Validation Sheet28 C Questionnaire30

Authors' Note31

List of Tables

Table TitlePage 1. Responses of 3rd year AB students on advantages and disadvantages of playing computer games 20

2. Responses of 3rd year AB Students on the advantages of playing computer game22

3. Responses of the Students on the Effects of Computer Game Addiction to their Academic Performance and Disadvantages22


Computer becomes one of the important factors in our lives. It helps us make our work easier. It gives us benefits because we can save more time and energy, we can receive and send messages instantly, we can get information through web surfing, computer stores important datas in easiest way, and provides entertainment that suits our taste. The most entertaining computer has provided is computer games. However, with the advent of computer gaming, it resulted to computer addiction and this affects the...
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