Video Game Addiction

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Video Game Addiction
New research identifies some video game users, particularly online users, who became hooked on interactive games and then see their lives become increasingly unmanageable. Many articles are available that look at the addictive qualities of the games and who is susceptible to becoming addicted. Other research looks at how this addiction compares to addictions such as drug and alcohol abuse and pathological gambling. Since computer game addiction is relatively new, there are few tools to measure the extent of addictiveness and how much the addictiveness affects the lives of the persons who are experiencing it. Computers, the Internet and video game consoles have invaded our homes and have also become extremely portable. With video gaming becoming more popular every day, a consumer needs to be aware of the affects of this new addiction. Various qualities of games have been researched in order to determine what makes them addictive. Many article outline a workable definitions of video game addiction and examine the literature to determine who is playing video games and who is susceptible to becoming addicted. Only one article was found that developed and tested a scale to measure the addiction. With the advances in graphics and game quality many factors play into the drawl of video game playing. Video games are designed with many levels, appealing characters, interesting storylines and state-of-the art graphics. Some games use characters and movies that are already familiar and known to potential players. All of these factors have been designed to provide the user with a form of appealing entertainment that they want to purchase and then repeatedly to play. Video games are heavily advertised to attract a player’s interest and then influence users into trying them. A certain level of captivation and the desire to perform causes gamers to become heavily immersed into the game. When in this state, gamers can lose a sense of time and...
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