Computer Forensics

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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What we know
* Computer forensics lab usually conduct a digital forensic analysis * There are many type of computer forensics tool, some are free and some are licensed * Forensics lab usually are restricted to outsider

What we don’t know
* How computer forensics preserve their evidence
* Overview of computer forensics lab
* Cost to build a computer forensics lab
What we need to know
* Specific tool that use by computer forensics base on their case * How to build a computer forensics lab with low cost by using open source software * How to properly securing evidence and transporting it for examination at a later time by a digital evidence forensic examiner

In this PBL 1 we learn about computer forensics lab and how do their handle a crime case. The uptake of technology has been just as widespread in the criminal world as everywhere else. This means that digital forensics is not just about “digital crime” such as hacking. Traditional crime can now be investigated by looking at its digital aspects, for example recreating the movements of a criminal’s mobile phone around a town or someone’s web-based research about the location of a burglary. The discipline of digital forensics involves the knowledge and skills necessary to investigate all types of cybercrime, including fraud, data theft, and identity theft and cyber terrorism. The role of the digital forensic investigator has emerged to investigate these and other crimes.

In this PBL also we need to take 4 examples of computer forensic labs around the world which is Bellevue University - Bellevue, Nebraska forensic lab, Forensic Laboratories - Attorney General - State of California, Forensic Science Division – State Crime Lab – Montana Department, and Crime Labs - Wisconsin Department of Justice. By the observation about this 4 computer forensics lab we can say that how important is computer forensics in our life. The examiners are expert in their jobs especially...
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